Scott Lennard Bronze Art

For the Love of the Game

Dark Canyon

WEstern bronze sculpture gallery

Iron Horse

Buffalo Bill

Horse Bust

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Saturday Night

Since childhood Scott has been fascinated with the wild west and wildlife. By his 10th birthday he longed to live in Montana, spending his days hunting or fishing. Scott has always had a passion for mountainous adventures and dreamed of living during the time of Jim Bridger. It wasn't until he was slightly older that he realized he was born a little too late to become a mountain man of old. However, he wasn't too old to fulfill his dream of living in Montana.

This page highlights his western themed bronze sculpture. From cowboys, to horses, a bear and even a mule these works of art express in one way or another what Scott loves most about our country. Freedom. The freedom to rope, ride and hunt. The freedom of adventure.