Wild flowers on a mountain slope

A view of Libby during a mountain hike

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze​ Art

In 1999 Scott and his family moved backed to Libby to resume his private studio work. Over the years Scott has continued to work in the areas of bronze art, taxidermy and sculpting forms for the taxidermy industry. He feels fortunate to have had the opportunity to center his career life around areas that he passionately enjoys.  

In keeping with his desire to continually learn and create Scott introduced a 4th area of artistic expression to his business in 2011. Custom Guitar luthrie. This new venture seems to fit his personality and feeds his passion for exploring new horizons. 

Whether you are in need of bronze sculpture, taxidermy, or a new custom guitar; Scott is the artist of choice. Feel free to contact him at (406) 293-7158.

In 1991 Scott completed his first bronze sculpture and was instantly hooked on this method of creative expression. From 1991 to 1997 Scott split his time between taxidermy and bronze art.  His skill and passion in both areas continued to flourish and in 1997 Scott was hired by a Cabela's owned taxidermy form company. The new job required a relocation to South Dakota. 

Scott's new job encompassed creating new taxidermy mannikins for the company along with providing taxidermy services for Cabela's projects. The Lennard family stayed in SD for 2 years during which time they met some great friends and learned a little bit about farming. Scott had the pleasure of working on several taxidermy projects for Cabela's owned sporting good stores including the beautiful whitetail scene shown below. 

The Man Behind the Magic

Scott grew up in southern Michigan with childhood visions of becoming a mountain man. In 1981 he fulfilled part of his boyhood dream by moving, with his wife Patti, to central Montana. After exploring the state for 4 years they settled in the rural community of Libby where together they opened Frontier Studio, a full service taxidermy shop.


Scott's abilities as an artist and outdoors man have earned him many awards in the field of taxidermy. He has had the pleasure of working with some of the finest sportsman in the United States. Scott's work graced the cover of North American Whitetail Magazine & was featured in publications such as Breakthrough, Big Buck & Sporting Classics.

Working with wildlife in the realm of taxidermy eventually led to sculpting taxidermy mannikins for the taxidermy industry.  Scott discovered that he really enjoyed the art of sculpting and soon became interested in trying his hand at bronze art work. It wasn't long before he added another name to his business; Scott Lennard Bronze Wildlfie Sculpture Studio.