Lion Mask - bronze lion Mask

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Bronze Elephant Ivory Holders Shown Below

Miniatures - small bronze sculptures

Elephant Candle Holders - Bronze Wall Sconce Set

Rhino Bookends - Bronze Bookends

Mamba - Bronze African Sable 

Serengeti - Bronze Elephant

Sable - Bronze Sable Sculpture

African bronze sculpture gallery

Without a doubt African wildlife is uniquely different than North American game. The first time I saw photographs of African plains game, (as a child), I thought I had stepped back into prehistoric times because the wildlife found in Africa was so strange to anything I had seen living in Michigan. Just as uniquely different is the art of African bronze sculptures. I hope you enjoy Scott's artwork below. He has journeyed to the dark continent 4 times and each trip proved an adventure in and of itself. While there he had the opportunity to witness various species of African wildlife in its natural habitat and conveys, through his fine bronze sculpture, what he saw in flawless detail.