These African Map Style Tusk Holders and simply beautiful with a genuine African look & feel. Scott combined the shape of the dark continent with some of its well known animals, artifacts, and natural resources to create a stunning holder for elephant ivory.  We are very pleased with this style holder and expect it will soon be a favorite among sportsmen who have been privileged with the experience of hunting elephant.  

Dimensions: 12.5 x 6.75" x 11.5"

Limited Edition Size: 100 Sets

​Retail Price: $5,280 (with 2" thick base)

This holder is designed to display on a 2" thick walnut base but can be put on tall pedestals.  A 2" thick base comes with each set of holders at the published retail price. Short pedestals are additional to the cost of the holders and can be order through us. We have an amazing base maker.  We design all of our elephant tusk holders to be as user friendly as possible.  One of the best attributes about all of our holders is that we ship the holder to you or your taxidermist. You do not have to send your ivory to us. We are also more than willing to work with your taxidermist on the best way to secure your set to our holders. Scott has been a taxidermist for 30 years and understands the process required.

There is only one decision to make. You've invested time and money into your elephant hunt and the ivory is worth displaying. We pride ourselves on helping you create the perfect display. Call us at Scott Lennard Bronze (406) 293-7158.

**Custom walnut pedestals can be order to use with this set. Call for pricing details**

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