Large Gazelle Door Pulls

Featured above are our large Gazelle Door Pulls. These pulls are designed for entry way doors. The Trophy Room doors shown above have an opposing set on the other side. As you can see these pulls set the doors apart most rooms.  It sets the mood that what is beyond this point is pretty fantastic.

These pulls are easy to install and work nicely with exotic wood choices.  I especially like the zebra skin inset in the door. The combination is a brilliant work of art.

Dimensions: Approximately 23" tall from tip to base

Retail Price: $635 per side or $1,270 pair

Call today to place your order. Once you do you will be well on your way to making your home stand out.

Remember I do offer discounts on multiple orders so count up your cabinets , dressers or any place you desire to add a special touch then let me go to work on the math. 

Please note that there is a foundry lead time on these cabinet pulls so it is always good to check with me on how far out the orders might be.

Call today and spruce up your home with an easy hardware 'remodel'. (406) 293-7158

Retail Pricing

Bronze Drawer Pull   $54 set

Black Pewter Drawer Pull  $36 set

Silver Pewter Drawer Pull  $36 set

The pricing shown above is for either 1 Cape Buffalo pull or 2 Gazelle pulls.

The Cape Bufflalo pull works on drawers while the Gazelle work for upright cabinets

Every home needs something that sets it apart and what better way to achieve that distinction than with custom drawer pulls. Our Cape Buffalo & Gazelle drawer pulls add a wonderful accent to the kitchen, den, office or even on furniture. They are perfect anywhere uniqueness is desired.

Our cabinet hardware is easy to install and sure to set your room apart from the neighbors. Each pull is competitively priced and  we offer discounts on multiple orders.

Available in distinguishing bronze, black pewter or silver pewter each of our drawer pulls is created to match with any wood choice.  Scott sculpted these by hand with you, the sportsman, in mind.

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Bronze Cabinet Hardware