African Shield Style Elephant Tusk Holder

Vintage Style Elephant Tusk Holder

Bronze Elephant Tusk Holders

The opportunity to hunt elephant is more than a great adventure it is the opportunity to provide villages with much needed meat and to save crops & homes from destruction by rogue elephants. Scott has been designing these ivory holders for many years. He was one of the original artists in this concept. As a taxidermist Scott understands the mechanics involved in displaying elephant ivory and he works hard to make sure you have a product that will artfully contribute to your home decor as well as hold the tusk securely.

Owning a Scott Lennard bronze elephant tusk holder is the ultimate in ivory display. For more information on each style please click on the photographs shown below. If you have questions feel free to contact Patti at (406) 293-7158

Wall Rack Elephant Tusk Holder

Pyramid Style Elephant Tusk Holder

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

African Map Style Elephant Tusk Holder

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture