If you have ever roamed through the Rocky Mountains and caught a glimpse of a bull elk you will appreciate this bronze elk sculpture. 

Scott and I have spent many hours hiking the mountains and have seen elk on several occasions. For me, it is and will always be a thrilling experience. I marvel how a creature so large can move undetected through the timber. Given the fact that we live in the mountains you might think we see elk all the time but that isn't true. This animal is very wary of humans and does its best to avoid contact plus the thick downfall in the Kootenai National Forest proves to be perfect cover.

Several years ago we had a couple really tough winters and the elk were spending a portion of the winter months in low lying areas. During those seasons there were a few winter mornings where we woke to discover a herd of elk passing through the timber behind our house. While it hasn't happened in many years I will never forget the sight of several elk walking in line through the fresh snow.

"Cloak and Daggers" is a beautiful representation of a 6x6 bull elk. A 'must have' for wildlife art collectors and sportsmen alike. Scott combined the use of standard patina on the bronze elk and a variety of life-like patina on the habitat to create a handsome scene. 

Priced favorably for gift giving "Cloak and Daggers" is a great investment. Call today about this stunning bronze elk sculpture.

Dimensions: 14"x9"x15
Limited Edition of 15

​Retail Price:; $2,640

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

cloak N daggers