Notice the brilliant highlights through the use of several patina color combinations. You can almost feel the sensation of leaning back on your horse as the rider leads his horse down the steep canyon trail. The rider looks experienced and prepared with his rifle in his hand. Buffed highlights on the horses offer the sense that while it is cold outside the sun is shining on the lone travelers.

This photo offers a good look at the extensive base work involved in the piece of art. Scott masterfully created a rocky ledge that combines twists and turns adding to the mystery of the sculpture.

In the late 1800's a man named John Plute packed out a large set of elk antlers from the Dark Canyon area of Colorado. The antlers were a record book set that has, through the years, become very famous. Scott celebrates that moment in history with this extraordinary bronze sculpture.

​"Dark Canyon" is richly complimented with a combination of standard bronze patina and various other patina colors and highlights. This magnificent sculpture truly is a labor of love, taking nearly a year to complete.

Scott researched each element of the bronze to make it as historically accurate as possible. He also spent time watching local horses and mules in their natural habitat for characteristic traits he could incorporate into the piece.

​Every detail of this bronze sculpture captures the imagination. The horse and mule anatomy are brilliant with rippling muscle structure and faces light with realism. The horse tack and pack gear offer many points to study. If you are looking for sculpture that will spark the imagination, "Dark Canyon" is the piece to buy.

Dimensions: 35" x 50" x 22"

Limited Edition Size: 25

​Retail Price: $18,150

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Dark Canyon