In the spring of 2011 Scott completed this bronze sculpture. His admiration for whitetail deer is apparent. Without a doubt the Whitetail deer is Scott's favorite subject matter. 
Growing up in southern Michigan offered ample opportunity at an early age to study and hunt the whitetail deer which Scott did in abundance. The whitetail is an amazing creature in beauty and complexity. It is an animal that has the "Awhhh" factor for its sleek gentle appearance but also has the 'Wow' factor for agility. 
If you live in whitetail country you've probably witnessed the tenderness of a doe with her newborn fawn but also watched a whitetail jump a 6 foot fence with ease. It goes without saying that this is a remarkable animal and a great subject for bronze art work.

"Downwind Approach" accurately captures, in bronze sculpture, the characteristics of a whitetail buck chasing a scent trail. Not to mention the fact that the set of antlers are what most of us hope to see out in the woods. The piece is featured on an oval walnut base with a gold nameplate. It is the perfect  bronze sculpture for a desk top or end table and is priced comfortably as a gift. Nothing will say the thoughts you wish to convey quite like bronze sculpture. 

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Dimensions: 12" x 13.5"x8"
Limited Edition of 25

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

downwind approach