The sculpture is housed in a covered 3 sided structure with a beautiful decorative walk way as shown in this photo. The Libby Volunteer Fire Department had the names of those who have served and currently serve put on the partial wall of the structure (shown in the background) with ample room to add future names to the memorial. The walls are scored or sectioned in a rectangular pattern and the fact it is a partial wall allows light, blue sky and the backdrop of the town come through. This seemed poignant considering the fact that a firefighter's goal is to protect the town.A beautiful plaque adorns the face of the stone structure where the bronze firefighter rests. There is another plaque on the sidewalk leading up to the memorial.


This beautiful sculpture is part of the bronze firefighter tribute/memorial to the Libby Montana Volunteer Fire Department. 

In 2010 Scott was commissioned to create this bronze firefighter sculpture as part of the 100 year celebration of Libby's volunteer department. Other local artisans came together to create the foundation, walk way and tribute walls.

Scott had fun creating this bronze fireman sculpture and because it is 2/3 lifesize he was able to use our grandson as a model for the correct hand and foot size. As you can imagine our grandson loved being a part of the process.

One of the greatest things that happened during this process is the education that Scott and I received about firemen in general and the rich history of our local volunteer department in particular. This work of art serves as a symbol of the sacrifice firefighters make every day around the United States to protect its citizens. 

If your community is looking to pay honor and tribute to those who serve in this capacity please contact us for detail on purchasing this magnificent bronze sculpture. Contact Scott at (406) 293-7158

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