The old west is laced with stories of cowboys, horses and trouble. "For the Love of the Game" is based on one such story. Is it true? We don't know, we weren't there. For us, not knowing only adds to the mystery. Did cowboys dream about the impossible? Did any of them every try to rope a bear? Its hard to say but I do know that taming the west seemed impossible at one time and look at where we are today. 

This sculpture looks wonderful displayed on a mantle or sofa table. The patina is a combination of standard and old world coloration adding to the antique quality of the piece. Bringing this work of art into your home or office will add a connection to the past, an offering

of stepping back in time bringing the

viewer closer to his/her heritage.

Dimensions: 5'8" long x 11" wide

Limited Edition: 15

Retail Price: $13,280

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

For the Love of the Game