In today's world of game farming and nutrient supplements it isn't unusual to find large antlered deer or elk. What makes the animals represented in the sculptures special is that they were products of a wild environment (not a game farm) and any antler mass is what grew naturally from the nutrients and habitat the animal lived in (no supplementation). Anyone interested in the original Goliath, as shown on this page, will have to find it on the secondary market. If interested give me a call and I will see if anyone out there is willing to part with theirs. 

Dimensions: 34"x22"x18"

The Edition is SOLD OUT

Several years ago Scott had the idea to create an elk sculpture that had a factual connection to a living elk or one that once roamed the earth. Scott felt that a sculpture combining both fact and fiction would have mass appeal to sportsmen & wildlife enthusiasts. With that vision 'Goliath' was born.

This 1/4 scale bronze sculpture features a replica of the world record shed elk antlers. This magnificent set of sheds, which were found at the turn of the century in Colorado, were re-discovered in a farm house in Ohio. Scott obtained exclusive art rights to reproduce this awesome set of sheds in an elk bronze sculpture for the enjoyment of all.

This sculpture gained popularity quickly and it wasn't long before the edition was sold out. Since first creating this piece Scott has had the opportunity to reproduce Goliath in a very small scale for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation & the US Forest Service. Since the creation of Goliath Scott has also created other sculptures based on real animals. To see those sculptures please go to the North American Gallery and look at the following pieces

Legend of Arrowhead - Elk Sculpture

Untamed - Caribou Sculpture

Hill Country Reign - Whitetail Sculpture 

All three of the above mentioned works of art are re-creations of actual animals that once roamed North America. 

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art