"Hill Country Reign" features a replica of the Brady Buck. Scott had the opportunity to travel to San Antonio, TX where the Brady Buck is on display at the Buckhorn Saloon. The trip enabled him to study the antlers in detail, allowing for an accurate reproduction in bronze.

Anyone who has visited the Buckhorn Saloon knows the Brady Buck and its staggering appearance. It is one of those deer racks that seem beyond the scope of possibility, it is mind-boggling. Hill Country Reign is the culmination of time, hard work, and study. Scott coupled the massive buck with a whitetail doe resting in the Texas heat.

This sculpture is a 3 dimensional wonder with many elements to keep the mind busy.This bronze whitetail sculpture makes a perfect gift for any whitetail enthuiast.

Dimensions: 14"x14.5"

Limited Edition of 25


Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Hill Country Reign