The same is true for the antlers. Each tine and tip is a lighter or more polished patina while the bases of the antlers are dark. Scott used subtle color for the rocky base with a touch of snow indicating a late fall - early winter setting. All is set on a beautiful walnut base.

Dimensions: 25"x25"x24"

Limited Edition of 24


This 1/4 scale bronze elk sculpture features a replica of the world record non-typical elk antlers. These antlers were found near the little town of Arrowhead, British Columbia in July 1994.

Each "Legend of Arrowhead" sculpture comes with a special edition copy of "Greatest Elk" by Roger Selner. Every book is assigned a special edition number that corresponds with the edition number on the elk itself.Together they make a wonderful collector piece.

This sculpture pays tribute to one of North America's grandest animals. Scott varied the shades of standard patina on the elk body and antlers. For example you will note the neck of the elk is a darker color than the sides of the animal. This contrast is in keeping with many live elk in our area. The neck hair is often much darker as it is also much thicker. The body typically has a lighter appearance where the hair is shorter and less dense. This contrast is appealing to the eye. 

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennar‚Äčd Bronze Art

legend of arrowhead