Available in life-like or standard bronze patina this bronze moose sculpture is sure to please the average moose affectionado.
Dimensions: 6" tall
Limited Edtion of 250

Straight from the days of regal kings, gallant knights and fire breathing dragons we bring you this whisical dragon hatching from an egg. 
Available in several patina choices this bronze dragon sculpture is perfect for any little girl or boy.
Dimensions: 4" tall
Limited Edition of 250

This bronze rhinocerous sculpture is available in standard or gray life-like patina. Rambo conjures up the dreams of a great African safari. One can almost hear and feel the movement of the earth through the depiction of a rhinocerous walking proudly across the open plain. 
Limited Edition of 250

 "Hog Wild"
The African warthog has captured the imagination of many sportsmen and adventurous souls. Scott has had the distinct pleasure of watching the prideful stride of this striking creature on the African plain.
Hog Wild is a delightful bronze sculpture.
 Dimensions: 6"x6"x2.5"
Limited Edition of 250


 We offer 4 different sculptures in our miniature collection. Each is a delightful work of art. Available for individual purchase but you are welcome to collect all 4 pieces. If you are interested in owning all of them please give me a call and I will work out a multiple purchase price.

These 4-6" tall sculptures are great gifts for children. Whether you are decorating their rooms or immersing them in art appreciation at an early age the miniature collection is a great place to start.

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

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