removable you can have both and change them out using the same fountain base. If interested in both please give me a call for a packaged price.

The bear, pictured below, was created as an alternative to the moose. Scott included two fish in the top pond with the bear to recreate a river fishing scene of a young bear in search of a tastey meal. Since the moose and bear/fish are 

This is a magnificent bronze sculpture perfect for indoor or outdoor placement. The moose is a seperate sculpture and can be removed for easy cleaning. 
Dimensions: 66" x 36" x 42"
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Each water fountain comes with a water ionizer to help retard algae grow. 

I've included a few photos of where some customers have placed their moose fountains. 


There is nothing more soothing than the sound of gently cascading water; a fact evidenced by the vast amount of CD's filled with 'water sounds' and even the amount of small free standing water fountains found on today's retail market. The problem with the small fountains is that they are 'small' and don't do justice to larger areas. When creating his bronze water fountain Scott took several elements into consideration. The element of sound, the element of wildlife, and that of bronze sculpture. 

Combining the North American Moose with a masterfully sculpted water fall Scott created this 66" tall bronze water fountain over a 1 year period. He wanted it to be right in each and every detail so he took his time in the engineering aspect along with the creative aspect. An internal pump circulates the water from the bottom pond up to the top pond. The water then cascades from the top pond back down to the lower pond over the rocky ledges of the water fountain. 

Since bronze is porous all 3 ponds are coated with a rubber type sealer to make it water proof. The sealer for the water ponds is black. The sealer for the rocky face is clear so that the patina of the bronze shows through. 

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Moose Fountain