Originally designed for a client in Michigan these holders are a hit for those wanting something different and unusual, something that the neighbor doesn't have. We sell them as a set but you can purchase one if that is all you need. Single pricing is half the cost of the set. The patina shown in these photos is what Scott chose as a standard style for this piece, however, we are more than happy to be creative with patina to more suit your home color theme. Give us a call to discuss additional color options.
Dimensions: Approx. 4 foot tall
$18,700 per set

 These beautiful moose plant stands provide a unique way to frame an entryway, window or fireplace. Simply set a potted plant in the holder and allow the green foliage to cascade down around the neck and shoulders of the bronze sculpture. 

We have framed entryway doors and interior room doors with these bronze plant stands and both settings offer a unique and distinctive feel. I also believe that they can be used around a fireplace or even a large framed painting, especially if the painting is done with moose as the subject. 

The plant holder is not deep enough to pot a plant in and you would not want to do that anyway as bronze metal is toxic to plants. The idea is to pot your flowers or greenery in a seperate pot that has its own water tray. This pot can then be placed in the receptacle behind the moose' neck. I have used quality silk plants and enjoyed the effect of them as well as a live plant. Good silk greenery is hard to beat since there is no hassle in its care.

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Moose Planters