God Bless America!

Dimensions: 26"x22"x15.5"

The symbolism of "On Wings of Eagles" runs deeper than a 'cool' piece of art for the mantel. This sculpture makes a great gift for the office setting as it carries an unspoken statement about the character of honorable business practice. For any of those interested in owning this work of art on a larger scale Scott can mock it up for installation as a public or private monumental work of art. Framing your drive or workplace entry with America's with this sculpture is the perfect way to set yourself and your beliefs apart.


This beautiful bronze sculpture pays tribute to America's national symbol, the bald eagle. With wings spread and talons ready this exceptional eagle sculpture is an expression of the willingness of our nation to fight for liberty. 

Scott has a deep love and appreciation for the foundation of freedom our great country was built upon and for the American Constitution which frames our rights are citizens. This work of art is a testimony to his patriotism and an expression of his heart. I believe that "On Wings of Eagles" represents all that is good and right because it symbolizes freedom. The United States isn't a leading force in the world because it is powerful. The US is a leading force because it sought after & fought for the individual & collective freedom of its citizens. May we never loose the desire to be a free nation.

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennar‚Äčd Bronze Art

On wings of Eagles