Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We ship these holders directly to your taxidermist or your home. Each set comes with our recommended procedure for preparing the ivory and securing the ivory to the bronze holders. 

It is time to get that beautiful set of ivory off the floor or out from underneath the bed. Display your ivory in stylish elegance.

​Pyramid Dimensions: 11.5"l x 16"w x 10" t

Limited Edition of 100 Sets

Retail Price: $5,500 Set (bronze holders only)

Walnut Pedestals

​Dimensions:  24" l x 20' d x 30" t

Retail Price: $3,000

**Pedestal dimensions can be customized

Please  note that this style holder does not come with any wooden base. You can place these bronze holders directly on the surface of your choice (see above). However, if you are interested in wood we do offer tal walnut pedestals (shown below). These pedestals are a custom addition to an order and can be built to your room specifications.

These elegant bronze elephant tusk holders are the perfect accent for large ivory. We refer to this style as the 'pyramid' style because of the shape of the base behind the elephant head.  This set is perfect for placing on the floor or on a fireplace ledge. Its massive size compliments large ivory and offers a bold statement to a trophy room.

A combination of standard patina on the elephant head and lower edge of the base behind the head compliment the gray/standard side walls.  The dual coloration adds depth and richness to the overall look of the holders.

This has been the most popular style to date. The elephant head can be done in a gray life-like patina as shown in the picture here. On the gray life-like style we also do the bronze tusks in a white cream patina for realism.

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Pyramid Style Bronze

tusk holder