Africa is a place of great mystery and if you've ever had the pleasure of going on safari you know there are some mysterious looking animals there. Some are beautifully colored, others majestic in appearance, and still others are done right funny looking. 

The African Sable falls into the majestic category and is a favorite on hunting & photo safaris. The sable is Scott's favorite African animal and he took great pleasure in re-creating it in bronze sculpture. While being one of the largest plains game it is incredibly sleek and graceful.

This sculpture pays tribute to those qualities. Scott chose a leaping defensive posture to show its agility. Having the natural ability to move fast the sable can avoid the many dangers found on the African plain. You will note that this sculpture was used in "Mamba". We knew that a few people would want the sable and not the snake so Scott chose to offer it alone in a very low edition.

Golden highlights on a standard bronze patina illuminated every detail adding to the realism. The horns are finished in traditional patina with highly polished highlights completing the overall look and feel. This bronze is stunning and perfect for a small table.

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Dimensions:  Similar to Mamba

Limited Edition Size: 8

​Retail Price: $4,430

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art