Are you looking for a sculpture to compliment a western motiff? Or possibly a gift for a special loved one? Look no further. "Saturday Night" is the perfect bronze sculpture for either need. This western bronze embodies the heart of the American cowboy. It is both whimsical and serious playing on the heartstrings of those who dream of the days when the west was won.

​The rich history of our nation lives within the hearts and minds of many of us today. The quest for untamed & unclaimed territory is our national heritage. Raw, wild and adventurous. 

The story of 'Saturday Night' is yours to invent and enjoy. Did this cowboy have a little too much to drink? Maybe he is joining a midnight posse of men in search of a bank robber. Better yet, maybe he finally made it out west and basked in the moment by rearing up on his horse under a full moon.  

No matter what the story it is one that speaks to inner man, his connection with nature and desire to be free. 

​Without a doubt Scott has masterfully captured the spirit of the west. Catch the spirit, call today. (406) 293-7158

Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 9"

Limited Edition Size: 12

​Retail Price: $2,275

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Saturday Night