Scott began creating bronze elephant tusk holders over a decade ago. As a taxidermist he understands what needs to happen to display ivory correctly and as an artist he knows how to do it with elegance and style. These shield style bronze elephant tusk holders are a product of his knowledge and insight.

Designed for the home or office this style is perfect when the available display space is limited. The shield style is streamline yet it succeeds in making a bold statement to the viewer. Complete with a 2" thick round walnut base these African shield bronze tusk holders will compliment the trophy room.

​Scott selected a mixture of patina for this holder. The round cylinder behind the shield boasts a gray life-like patine while the shield, spears, and trim offer standard bronze patina with different levels of buffing. Scott even re-created an old African coin to adorn the area where the spears cross each other. 

In an effort to accommodate the range of ivory diameters this style comes in 2 different "top" widths. The "top" is the area behind the shield where the ivory is connected to the holder. If you are interested in ordering a set of these holders just let us know the diameter and the base of your ivory. That measurement will let us know which size top you need.

Dimensions: 10 tall x 9" round

Limited Edition Size: 100

​Retail Price: $3,190

**Also, if you prefer a wooden base thicker than 2" we can custom design a base to fit your needs. Pricing will vary on custom wood work so call and ask for a quote at (406) 293-7158

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Shield Style Bronze elephant Tusk Holder

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