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Dimensions: 15.5" t x 16" l x 8.5" d
Limited Edition of 25

​​This magnificent bronze mule deer sculpture represents the monarch deer of the Rocky Mountains. Scott created this sculpture to pay tribute to the massive antlers and body size of the North American Mule Deer buck. The rocky outcropping depicts the potential habitat where these animals are often found.   

Mule Deer are highly prized as a trophy animal because they are often found at higher elevations in rugged country. It takes time and dedication to get to Mule Deer country but the rewards are worth the physical investment because seeing these animals in their natural habitat is an inspiring experience that makes one appreciate them even more. I've seen mule deer and I admire the proud, almost defiant, attitude this sculpture conveys. 

Chances are you have a Mule Deer fanatic in the family. If so, chances are even greater that  Skyline Ridge" might be the gift you are looking for. Most Mule Deer enthusiasts that I know are very particular about  how the deer is presented whether in flat art work or 3 dimensional art work. 'Skyline Ridge' captures the very essence of the animal in every aspect imaginable. 

Always the perfectionist and true to his own sculpting style Scott accurately captures the anatomical features of this amazing creature while also accurately placing it in the right habitat. In a world of 'bad' sculpture a Scott Lennard bronze shines forth as the one time someone got it right. Scott knows wildlife and it shows in every detail on every sculpture.

"Skyline Ridge" is a show piece perfectly sized for a desk top or coffee table.
Shown with a walnut base and standard bronze patina this sculpture is the culmination of years of study both in the field and in book knowledge. If there is one thing Scott was born to do it is create wildlife in its purest form capturing both the physical and non-physical aspects of nature.

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

skyline ridge