Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture


Scott's treeing walker hound served as the subject for this magnificent bronze hound dog sculpture. 

"Strike" was a wonderful dog and hunting companion to Scott. He had personality and a fighting spirit. I remember the week that Scott brought him into the studio to study him for this bronze project. Poor dog, he'd stand there and look up at us with eyes that said "what are you looking at me for". However, we'd throw him a treat as a reward for his patience and all would be okay. 

We had strike for 9 years and he was a great dog who gave Scott everything he had. He may have had his ornary moments but he was never afraid to give all he had to give at chasing a lion or bobcat. Lion hounds are a special breed of dog. Fiercely loyal to their masters with a never give up attitude. I can remember times when Scott would come home dead tired glad that the days hunt was over but the dogs would gladly stay out and run the track further.

I am glad that Scott acted on his desire to celebrate hunting through a sculpture of his dog because now we have our hound dog's likeness forever immortalized in bronze. Even if you've never owned a hound dog this sculpture is symbolic of the companionship found between man and man's best friend. Strike may not have been your dog but his spirit is the spirit of every dog out there. It is in this sense that this sculpture is for you.

"Strike" is gone now and will always be missed but he gave us many years of companionship.

Dimensions: 15"x22"
Limited Edition of 15

Scott Lennard Bronze Art