The Brown Trout is a favorite among fishermen in the world of catch and release. This original hand painted bronze sculpture is a stunning replica of the brown trout.

If you are an avid fishermen you will love this bronze sculpture. We priced this piece to be affordable and the fact that it is hand painted by Scott makes it truly unique in the bronze market. Due to the hand painting each will be one of a kind even though it is part of an edition. 

Scott selected a brown trout because of its beauty. I have seen them freshly caught and then released - their color patterns are amazing. It is almost unbelievable that something in the water can have so much depth and detail in the color pattern. The live fish are a work of art. As an added interesting touch Scott places a real fishing fly in the scene as a contrasting element to the bronze. He hand selects each fly so that again, no two sculptures are exactly the same.  This bronze sculpture is one where the buyer can infuse some of thier own personality by arranging with Scott the use of a personal favorite fly fishing lure/bait. Call today (400) 293-7158 to arrange the details of your order. 

Dimensions: 14.5"x22"x6"
Limited Edition of 25

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennar‚Äčd Bronze Art

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