When the photo at right was taken the home was still under construction as noted by the 'plywood' door. The building project is now complete and absolutely stunning.

We would love to see a pair of these inside a large trophy room. Many sportsmen have huge display areas and The Guardians would compliment such a room nicely.

Retail Price: $31,900 pair

If you are looking for monumental sized sculpture for your home or office please look no further. While these lions can be sold as singles they are much better as a pair.

The couple that purchased this set chose a standard patina but they can be done in a stylized life-like patina. Call Scott to discuss the possibilities.

The photos shown here are from a house in the NW where a pair of these lions were placed. As you can see, they are extraordinarily beautiful and create a regal presence at the entryway of this home.

Scott chose to name this pair of lions "The Guardians" because they appear to be guarding the entrance.

African lions have long been a symbol of royalty, power and class. The Guardians were created with those concepts in mind and are perfect for the entrance to a home, office or public building.

​Scott spent more than a year sculpting these magnificent bronze lion sculptures. Each lion weighs close to 500 pounds and has it own unique pose. 

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

The Guardians