This beautiful bronze wall hanging fits perfectly above a fireplace or a furniture grouping. Up Stream is the perfect size for complementing, not over powering a room and because it hangs on a wall it doesn't take up precious table or floor space. 

Created to represent a school of salmon, Up Stream is a fisherman's delight. One can almost imagine the scene under water with 8 salmon rushing headlong against the current just inches from the bottom of the river bed. 

Nothing is more intriguing than the tale-tell hook jaw & blazing red body that salmon get during spawning season. The photo shown directly below highlights this piece done with standard patina, reddish hues, and other colorations for the riverbed rocks. The photo at the bottom of the page shows it in straight standard patina. I prefer the more colored or stylized version but either creates a wonderful unique wall display. The nice thing about a bronze wall relief is that it offers an option to traditional flat art work. 

You will find this sculpture to be a warm wonderful conversation piece sure to please your friends and neighbors. Installation is easy and Scott is here to help coach you on the best way to match up your wall studs with the hanging areas on the back side of the wall relief. This sculpture looks great against most any color wall and fits nicely into an outdoor theme or woodland setting. 
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Dimensions: 16.5"x41""
Limited Edition: 25

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art