Another idea for the vintage holder is to use a wall hugging walnut pedestal. These can be customized to the height needed for maximum display of your ivory. 

Total cost of Vintage Holders with a set of wall pedestals is $2,800 per set plus shipping charges.

Wall pedestals for the vintage holders

These beautiful bronze tusk holders are perfect for those needing a streamline look. This style named "Vintage" comes on a 2" thick walnut base but it is possible to order custom pedestals for these bronze holders as shown in these photos.

The custom pedestals are an additional cost and can be purchased with or without a zebra skin panel. The combination is rich and striking making the pedestals a desired upgrade.

Pricing is as follows:​

Bronze Vintage Holders on 2" thick walnut base $2,750

​Additional options:

Custom Pedestals with Zebra Inset $1,950

Custom Pedestals without Zebra $1,850

Fine Western Wildlife Bronze Sculpture

Scott Lennard Bronze Art

Vintage Style Elephant Tusk Holder